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Consulate General Spokesperson's Remarks: Chinese Consulate General in New York facilitated donation of PPE to a local school in NYC

On June 29, Chinese Consulate General in New York facilitated a donation of 5000 facial masks by the Bethune Charitable Foundation, a Chinese charitable organization, to P.S. 354 the Jermaine L. Green Stem Institute, an elementary magnet school in Queens, to help students fight against COVID-19.

At the virtual handover ceremony, Consul General Amb. Ping Huang said he saw himself as a New Yorker and felt it was his privilege and obligation to join hands with all New Yorkers to fight against the pandemic shoulder by shoulder. "So, I am very glad that with the help of Senator Sanders, we are able to send facial masks to the Jermaine Green STEM Institute."

The donated items are provided by Bethune Charitable Foundation. Bethune was a Canadian physician who traveled to China in World War II and saved many people's lives. He's always remembered by the Chinese people for his kindness, his dedication as a good doctor, and most importantly, his spirit of internationalism.

Amb. Huang emphasized that in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world need to pull together with the same spirit of internationalism. "When hit hard by the virus, China received tremendous support from overseas, including those from the American society. As the Chinese proverb goes, the grace of a drop of water shall be reciprocated by a gushing spring. When situation in China improves, we should return the kindness."

Amb. Huang also pointed out that China and the United States should support each other and lead the global effort in fighting the pandemic. "Only by working together, can we win this war", he said confidently.

Senator Sanders and Superintendent of District 28 in Queens Tammy Pate expressed their deep gratitude for the donation. Senator Sanders said that he would like to thank Chinese Consulate General and Ambassador Ping Huang for the generous mask donation, which will give many here in the community peace of mind that they will have some protection in the fall as students may return to school and the Coronavirus will likely continue to be a pervasive issue. Senator Sanders recalled his visit to China last year and said that he looks forward to having Mandarin Chinese teachers in local schools and leading a delegation of students or other local people to China. Dr. Tammy Pate said that the donation means more than they can express.

With 86.6% students being black or African American, P.S. 354 the Jermaine L. Green Stem Institute is grounded in STEM studies with the motto "today they read, tomorrow they lead".

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