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Consul General Huang Ping encouraged Chinese merchants in Great Neck of Long Island along with local officer

On February 22nd, Consul General Huang Ping and his wife Zhang Aiping came to Great Neck Area of Long Island to visit local Chinese restaurants and shops at the invitation of New York State senator Anna Kaplan.After visiting Chinatown in Manhattan , "8th Ave" in Brooklyn and Flushing in Queens last weekend, Huang Ping visited the Chinese community again to bring the warm wind in cold winter to those affected by the news of COVID-19.

Consul General Huang Ping,Deputy Consul General Qian Jin and consuls from related departments firstly came to the New Fu Run restaurant at noon to enjoy the Northeastern China food along with Senator Kaplan,Deputy Mayor of Great Neck Plaza Ted Rosen,Town of North Hemstead Council Member Veronica Lurvey and representatives from Great Neck Chinese Association and North Shore Asian Civic Association.The restaurant which has been in poor business recently became permeated with lively warm atmosphere again.

Huang Ping praised the restaurant's authentic delicious dishes which make everyone feels the taste of homeland and also make everyone's thoughts back to China's fighting against COVID-19.Huang ping said,the development of the epidemic is drawing the greatest attention of millions of American-Chinese and friends of China from all walks.Thanks to the great efforts and sacrifices of the Chinese government and people, the spread of the epidemic has been contained and the prevention and control measures have made initial progress.The number of new cases and suspected cases in China has kept decreasing and the number of cured cases has been increasing rapidly.At the same time, it should be noted that we have not yet arrived the turning point of the epidemic in China.Although the epidemic had a significant impact on economy,China's economy still has great resilience and potential and its long-term positive trend will not change.

Huang Ping pointed out that China has strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese government,unique institutional advantages, rich accumulation of development and extensive international cooperation.We are confident, capable and secure to win the war against COVID-19 as soon as possible and gradually eliminate he negative impact of the epidemic.

Huang Ping stressed that there are few confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States and zero in New York State.We hope every one not be over-stressful or over-reacted while taking scientific precautions.We are particularly opposed to using the epidemic as an excuse to label or discriminate against Chinese or even Asian.The true enemy is virus,not Chinese or Chinese shops.Thanks to American Chinese and friends of China in our consular district for their contribution to support China's fighting against COVID-19.The Consulate General will continue to support Chinese business and overseas Chinese and commit to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against Chinese.

Kaplan thanked Huang Ping for coming to Great Neck community.She said that Great Neck is a diversity community and Chinese are the indispensable parts,neighbors and friends of our community. It is our responsibility to protect the interests of Chinese and promote the prosperity of Chinese business.There has been no confirmed COVID-19 case in New York States so far.People should not be too afraid and should go out to shop and eat in Chinese business.As long as we keep united,we will make through this hard time and Overcome all difficulties

In the afternoon, Huang Ping visited 47 Creative Beauty Studio,She De Restaurant and Nature Farm Supermarket which are famous in Great Neck to care about the impact of epidemic on business.Huang Ping encourage them to maintain confidence and wish the community return to normal as soon as possible and their business be more prosperous.

The merchants and representatives of the overseas Chinese community thanked Huang Ping for his visit, saying that the care and support of the Consulate General had strengthened their courage and confidence in overcoming the current difficulties. They were glad to see that the efforts of China's fight against the epidemic are making the well effect and they believed epidemic will end soon. They wished China to be more prosperity after overcoming the epidemic.

Before the visit to the local Chinese business, Huang Ping was interviewed along with Kaplan by CBS Radio,News 12,Newsday,The China Press,Sing Tao Daily,World Journal,SinoVision,American Chinese Television and China News Service.Huang Ping introduced the efforts and progress made by the Chinese government in the fighting against COVID-19 and called on people from all walks in New York State to enjoy Chinese food, support the development of the Chinese community, view the epidemic objectively and calmly, avoid overreaction and eliminate discrimination.

Great neck is in the 7th State Senate district of New York State and has more than 30,000 Chinese population. Senator Kaplan support the passing of the New York State J2103 resolution which recognized October 1, 2019, as China Day and the first week of October 2019 as Chinese American Heritage Week.Kaplan was moved by the report of Huang Ping's visit to Chinatown in New York last week,so she invited Huang Ping to visit Great Neck to cheer up local Chinese merchant.

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