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Consul General Huang Ping Visits Saint Joseph's University

On December 13th 2019, Consul General Huang Ping visited Saint Joseph's University (SJU), Pennsylvania. He met with President Mark Reed and attended the work luncheon with faculty representatives and the certificate award ceremony for China visiting students.

When meeting with Reed, Huang Ping said that during the past 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the U.S., the connections in various fields of the two countries has become closer and the people to people exchanges has grown more extensive. Though there are existing differences, China and the U.S. are still able to collaborate with shared responsibilities to face the challenges based on mutual trust.

Huang Ping emphasized that educational exchanges and cooperation are of essential importance to both countries.Notably, the youths shall have more interactions and mutual understanding, through which the history and culture can be comprehended to a deeper extent. This is significant not only for the bilateral relations but also for the world's peace and development. Confronted with difficulties in bilateral relations, it is believed that the promotion of educational cooperation and exchanges is very important. In recent years, there are more and more Chinese students coming to the U.S. for further studies, and it is the responsibilities of the governments and universities in the two countries to create a safe and agreeable environment for them. He appreciated SJU's positive attitude towards collaboration with China, and hoped it can consolidate the exchanges with China to preserve a piece of pure land on campus for international students.

Reed said that Huang was the first Consul General of China to visit SJU in recent years, which made the university very excited. He introduced SJU's cooperation with China since the 1980s, which have witnessed fruitful achievements. At present, there are more than 100 Chinese students on SJU campus, as the university's largest group of international students. They have brought cultural diversity and vitality.The university welcomes Chinese students and scholars and hopes to maintain close cooperation with China in the future.


At the luncheon, Huang gave an impromptu speech. He reiterated the basic fact that the China and U.S. both benefit from cooperation and lose from confrontation has remained unchanged, and cooperation is the only correct choice. He also shared the encouraging news of phase one trade deal just made, and emphasized that it was proved again that two countries have abilities to tackle with divergences through equal discussions to achieve win-win results. Huang said that there are important mutual benefits in the education sector for both countries, and a growing number of Chinese families are willing to send their children to study in prestigious universities in the U.S. It is expected that both countries take the momentum to further promote educational exchanges, and that SJU and other American universities can be dedicated to safeguarding the achievements and bringing positive inputs to mutual trust and bilateral relations.

The faculty representatives actively responded to Huang's speech. Vice President Cary Anderson shared his stories of adopting a girl from Yangzhou, China. Faculties advocated for more positive actions to create a friendly environment for both American and Chinese students, and exchanged opinions with Huang regarding educational differences, development in mathematics and foreign language teaching, etc.

Huang presented certificates to visiting Chinese students together with Anderson. He expressed congratulations and urged them to serve their motherland and to promote exchanges and collaboration in different sectors between both countries. He also encouraged the American students present to learn more about Chinese history, culture and language, and to contribute to the friendship between the two peoples. The American and Chinese students performed songs and dances.

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