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Consul General Huang Ping attended a friendly women's basketball match between China and US

The friendly match between China women's national basketball team and New York Liberty of WNBA was held at 7 pm on May 9th at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. On the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-US diplomatic relations, the game was scheduled to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries. Consul General Huang Ping and his wife Zhang Aiping, Tsai Chung-hsin, executive vice chairman of Alibaba Group and Xu Chen, chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce -- USA attended to watch the game.

Two Chinese singers respectively sang national anthems of China and the US before the match. Huang Ping greeted the tens of thousands of audiences and welcomed China women's national basketball team to New York on behalf of the consulate general. Huang Ping said, "The attraction of the sport is beyond borders. When we play together excitedly, the emotions fuse rapidly." According to Huang Ping, enhancing non-governmental exchanges and cultivating people's friendships through sport contribute to the healthy and stable development of China-US relationship.

The Barclays Center, which can accommodate 19,000 people, was packed by ebullient China and US fans. As their expectation, the game was exciting and intense. Players from both sides fought hard. The Chinese team played well. Although the rival is outstanding, the Chinese girls dared to fight against them and once led in the first half. Although the China team finally lost the game to New York Liberty, they played with spirit and morale and showed morality and friendship, which won cheers from fans.

China women's national team player Han Xu, who just joined Liberty, shone in her WNBA debut by collecting a game-high 19 points and 5 rebounds. The 6-foot-9 girl born in 1999 was selected by Liberty at 2019 WNBA draft in April. She is the youngest and tallest player among the WNBA rookies and the first Chinese WNBA draftee since Zheng Haixia in 1997.

Huang Ping delivered a speech at the after-game feast. According to Huang Ping, the China-US relationship has weathered through ups and downs but has always been forging ahead. Non-governmental connects mediated by sports play a significant role in the development of China-US relationship. Basketball even becomes a bond between people from the two countries, bringing them closer. NBA began its first trip to China as early as 1979, August. In recent years, China and the US got fruitful achievements in culture and sports cooperation. As a bridge and tie between the two countries' people, the NBA has always had a unique function. We sincerely hope that the sports exchanges between China and the United States, represented by basketball, will build a bridge of friendship across cultural differences between the two countries' people and write a new chapter for the friendship between China and the United States.

It is reported that China women's national basketball team will also play a series of warm-up matches against Las Vegas Aces, Minnesota Lynx, and the Chicago Sky, etc. after this game. The Chinese team aimed to gain experience from fighting with the strong teams to prepare for this year's Olympic qualifying tournaments. After the overseas training, the China women's basketball team will officially start the journey of this year's domestic warm-up games.

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