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Consul General Huang Ping Attended Activities Related to "Jews in Shanghai"

On April 16th, Consul General Huang Ping attended the reception themed “Jews in Shanghai” held in Brooklyn Public Library, New York. More than 70 guests including local Senators, political representatives, heads of Jewish organizations, and representatives of Jews who had taken refuge in Shanghai attended the reception.

“Jews in Shanghai” series itinerant exhibition were held at the Brooklyn Public Library from March 4th this year. Various exhibition activities such as display of 25 collections of precious historical photos, screening of documentaries <Shanghai Ark> and <Memory of Life>, round-table conference as well as sharing session vividly tell the story of Jewish refugees in Shanghai during World War II and reflect the experience of Jewish Refugees who received aid in Shanghai and forged deep friendship with the local people. Huang Ping paid close attention to the photos on exhibition and listened to the organizers’ introduction carefully. In his speech, Huang Ping expressed that the story of Jewish refugees in China during World War II is really touching. This precious history reflects Chinese cultural characteristics and traditional values of worship of peace, love and benevolence of thousands of years as well as the importance of loving communities to the suffering people.

Huang Ping also mentioned in the interview that most of the Jews in Brooklyn, New York, came to the United States after World War II, and it is of great significance to hold such an event here. He expressed gratitude to survivors and their families who participated in the activity for sharing the moving story with the American people again, saying that it will further promote mutual understanding and traditional friendship between the Chinese and American people.

The series itinerant exhibition was held by Brooklyn Public Library, the Jewish Museum, and Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum together. It also received guidance and support from Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office, Hongkou District Government, and Consulate General in New York.

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