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Consul General Huang Ping Met with the Governor of Connecticut, the Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, and the Secretary of the State

From Mar 13th through 14th, Consul General Huang Ping visited Connecticut and met with Ned Lamont, the Governor of Connecticut, Susan Bysiewicz, the Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, and Denise Merrill, the Secretary of the State, in Hartford, the capital of the state. The two sides exchanged views on issues like current Sino-US relations and cooperation between China and Connecticut.

Introducing the development of Sino-US relations, Huang Ping indicated that in the past four decades, the Sino-US relationship has weathered the storms and emerged as one of the most important bilateral ties in the world, which delivered tangible benefits to the two peoples. Although there appeared some challenges among economic and trade relations between the two countries recently, the two teams are stepping up consultations under the guidance of the two heads of state. We believe that the two sides can finally reach an agreement. China has a huge domestic market, and Connecticut’s exports to China enjoy broad opportunities and potentials. We hope that Connecticut could seize the opportunity of the Second China International Import Expo to further expand mutually beneficial cooperation with China and play a role of more importance in the stable development of bilateral relations.

Ned Lamont extended a warm welcome to Huang Ping, saying that Connecticut has outstanding advantages in industries including advanced manufacturing biotechnology, finance, and insurance, and enjoys a good foundation and great potential for cooperation with China. They are willing to create a favorable environment for foreign investment and welcome Chinese enterprises to invest and do business in Connecticut sincerely.

According to Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut has not only a long history but also rich tourism resources. She hopes to attract more Chinese tourists and drive the development of tourism in Connecticut. Since the government is committed to upgrading the infrastructure of Connecticut, she is also willing to cooperate with competent Chinese enterprises in this field.

Denise Merrill expressed that an important task of the Secretary of State’s office is to register the enterprises and guide them to import and export goods. It is obvious that China’s rapid development and the broad domestic market have brought important opportunities to Connecticut’s enterprises. She would like to promote more Connecticut enterprises to export goods to China and establish more partnerships between Connecticut and China in the future.

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