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The Consulate General in New York launched the "Consular Service into the Community, into the Campus" event in Boston

October 18th to 20th, the Consulate General in New York, held the "2018 consular services into the community, into the campus – autumn document processing" campaign in Boston. With the cooperation of local overseas Chinese academic associations and community help, the Consulate General's working group accepted local Chinese passports and travel permit applications in Woburn, Chinatown and Boston University for three consecutive days.

The applicant is ready in the waiting area

Combined with the characteristics of large density, wide distribution and high demand for overseas Chinese in the Greater Boston area, the Consulate General has carefully planned this event, adding as many as possible staffs, extending the time for accreditation, improving the ability to process, and optimizing the relative concentration of the most convenient venues for overseas Chinese. The Consulate General tried to expand the convenience of an on-site office and bring convenience to more overseas Chinese.

Volunteers assisted applicants to improve materials

The staff carefully accepted the passport application

The event was greatly assisted by the local Chinese community and academic associations, including the Boston Asian American Association, the Fujian Chamber of Commerce, the Xiamen New England Alumni Association, the China-US Cultural Association, the Huang Clan Association, the Liang Clan Association, and the Boston University Chinese Students Association. Volunteers of the Scholars Association shuttled back and forth at the application site to guide the applicants to the route, organize the queues, orderly numbering, and preliminary examination materials. The consular staff effectively reviewed the application materials, accurately collected fingerprint signatures, and consulted the consuls concerned by the applicant. Questions such as document processing and procedures are answered. The majority of applicants responded to the call, made an appointment in advance, arrived on time, and led by the on-site staff to complete the application process. During the three consecutive days of activities, the Consulate General has accepted 950 passports and travel permit applications answered 200 consultations and served over 2,000 overseas Chinese.

Youngest applicant was born only for 4 days

In view of the difficulty in issuing permits for special people in the field, the event was specially designed to tilt towards the elderly and young children and allocated more slots for them. Among the applicants, the number of elderly and young children accounted for half of the total, of which the oldest was 89 years old and the youngest was only 4 days. The locals expressed deep gratitude to the Consular Consulate Service for entering the community to facilitate the convenience of the community. The Consulate General continued to provide convenience services, especially to provide convenience to the elderly and young children, so that everyone can understand the care and intimacy of the Consulate General.

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