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Deputy Consul General Cheng Lei discusses with students in the CUNY-Baruch College

On January 30th, 2015, Deputy Consul General Cheng Lei paid a visit to the CUNY-Baruch College and had a discussion with the undergraduates of "Honors Program" from Zicklin School of Business. Hosted by Mr. Noel Lateef, President of the Foreign Policy Association, the one-hour discussion was mainly about the Chinese Foreign Policy and the Chinese proposition on the building of a new type of major-country relations between China and the United States. In the Q&A part, Deputy Consul General answered the questions on BIT, the Chinese political system, bilateral student exchanges and the China-Africa relations.

CUNY-Baruch College is a constituent university located in Manhattan, New York City. The Zicklin School of Business of Baruch has grown to become the largest collegiate school of business in the US. Baruch, where students coming from 160 countries and using 110 kinds of languages, has been known as the "Most Ethnically Diverse College" in the United States. According to BaruchConnect.com, around 33 percent students identify as Asian, 16 percent as Latino and 14 percent as black.


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