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Tibet persists in building subsidized housing

Affordable rental housing for the public is becoming an indispensable part of the subsidized housing system in China, as low-rent and price-fixed housing projects greatly ease the burden on less well-off urban residents.

During the Twelfth Five-year Plan(2011-2015), China's central government will add more than 36 million yuan to public rental housing, which set off a wave of building public rental houses all around the country.

According to the Xinhua net's report on Oct, 26th, Tibetan Autonomous Region is expected to invest about 2.22 billion yuan (about 348.98 million U.S. dollars) to build 42,000 subsidized housing units in 2011- 2015. By the end of October, the construction of 15,500 units of subsidized housing will be underway.

Although it's very exciting that the construction of the subsidized housing unit will improve the living condition of the Tibetan less well-off urban dwellers, there are still many problems we need to care about. In terms of the situation of other areas in China, the incomplete institution of building and distributing subsidized housing lead to corruption, poor quality of housing, unreasonable distribution and so on. As a result, many needy people who really have demand for houses can't enjoy the benefits.

The livelihood is well embodied in the construction of the subsidized housing unit, helping lower-income urban households to get decent housing has become a top concern of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Tibet's local government needs to learn lessons from other prefectures.

Firstly, the equity is the impenetrable principle in the distribution of housing. Then the supervision of the public (such as the media, common people) will make the whole building and distributing process transparent. In 2007, "The interim procedure of the management of subsidized housings in Tibetan Autonomous Region" was issued. The administrator should conduct the project based on the procedure strictly to avoid such problems to crop up.

From: China Tibet Online

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