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Mainland spokesman warns against views supporting "Taiwan independence"

BEIJING, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese mainland spokesman on Wednesday alerted people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to the danger of historical views supporting "Taiwan independence."

"The 'Taiwan independence' secessionist forces seek to negate the Chinese nation's achievements in the war against Japan and erase Taiwan compatriots' contributions to the fight against Japan's colonial rule and victory against Japan's attacks," said Ma Xiaoguang with the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office at a press conference.

The secessionist forces also seek to sow discord among compatriots across the Strait and sabotage the peaceful development of cross-Strait ties, he added.

"Curbing the spread of historical views that uphold 'Taiwan independence' and contain secessionist schemes are historical obligations that all responsible political parties and politicians should undertake," Ma said.

Meanwhile, the spokesman criticized recent remarks by former Taiwan leader Lee Teng-hui, saying they exposed Lee's "topsy-turvy historical views and disgraceful colonial slave mentality."

Lee, also former Kuomintang chairman, is known for his pro-Japan and Taiwan-independence stance. He said recently that "Taiwan and Japan were the same country," that "Taiwan feels grateful to have ever been governed by Japan," and "Taiwan is independent in substance."

Lee's remarks have exposed his intention to stick to his Taiwan-independence stance, sabotage development of cross-Strait ties and sow discord between compatriots across the strait, Ma noted, adding that his actions have aroused indignation from people on both sides.

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