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Cross-Strait proposals should stick to one-China principle: spokesman

BEIJING, May 28 (Xinhua) -- New proposals by Taiwan to resolve cross-Strait differences should conform to the one-China principle, said a mainland spokesman on Wednesday.

"Though the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are yet to be reunified, they both belong to one China, and the cross-Strait relationship is not a state-to-state one," Ma Xiaoguang of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office said at a press conference.

Adhering to the 1992 consensus and opposing "Taiwan independence" is the political basis for peaceful development of cross-Strait ties, he said.

"We hope the people of Taiwan will explore ways to solve cross-Strait political differences and put forward proposals for safeguarding and boosting peaceful development of cross-Strait ties on the basis of these principles," Ma said.

Ma made the remarks when he was asked to comment on the "greater one China" concept put forward by the island's former Democratic Progressive Party chairman Shih Ming-teh along with several other Taiwan politicians and scholars.

They raised the concept on Tuesday, calling for both sides across the Strait form a "limited international legal entity" to handle cross-Strait affairs as a transitional solution to their disputes.

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