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MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival is the continuation of a series of yearly cultural activities organized by the Chinese government. In the last 5 years beginning from 1996, we have experienced the International Year of Symphonic Music in 1996, the International Year of Opera and Dance Drama in 1997, the International Year of Fine Art in 1998, and the International Year of Traditional and Folk Dance in 1999. The above activities have helped to build a grand arena of international cultural exchanges in Beijing as well as in other parts of China. In May 2000, MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival made its debut and attracted 38 groups of artists, large and small, from 24 countries around the world. These artists offered the audience of Beijing, as well as other parts of China, 109 stage performances, 6 outdoor shows and 6 art exhibitions. Not only the Chinese audience was so fortunate to enjoy the wonderful performances by the excellent artists from various countries, but also the TV viewers in many other countries were also able to appreciate the arts festival through the Chinese Central Television by satellite transmission.

In an effort to further promote Chinese traditional culture and bring the best of foreign performing arts and other visual arts into China, MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival will be held for a designated period of time each year with different themes. It will provide a stage for both Chinese artists and foreign artists. The festival is sponsored by the government and supported by the whole society. People will be able to see the combination of indoor and outdoor, professional and amateur performances, catering to both the highbrow, the traditional and popular tastes.

Beginning from 2001, while open to all sorts of performing arts, MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival will highlight one form of the arts in each year respectively as follows:

-The Second MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival : music festival with symphonic music, folk music, popular music and all other vocal music performances.

-The Third MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival: folk arts festival with circus, puppet, shadow puppet, handicrafts, folk shows and other performances and exhibitions.

-The Fourth MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival: art exposition with painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and cultural relics exhibitions.

-The Fifth MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival: dance festival with folk dance, ballet, modern dance and ballroom dance performances.

-The Sixth MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival: festival of the theatre with opera, musical, local opera, and drama performances.

The Second MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival

The Second MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival in the new century will be jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Beijing Municipal Government and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and jointly presented by the China Performing Arts Agency and the Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau.

The Second MEET IN BEIJING Arts Festival in 2001 will focus on symphonic music, folk music, popular music and all other vocal music performances. Around 30-40 music groups or individual artists from home and abroad will be invited. In addition, there will be other performances and music related exhibitions.

Time: From 20th April to early June 2001

Venue: Theatres, gymnasiums, parks and open squares in Beijing. Some of the groups will have performance tours to other provinces and cities in China.

Participation: Chinese and foreign performing arts groups and individuals are welcome, particularly groups and individuals of symphonic music, folk music, popular music and vocal music.

Registration: The deadline for the registration will be on 20th January 2001. Groups and individuals may directly apply to the organizing committee office, or the Chinese embassy and consulates in the participants’ cities.

Expenses: In principle, the participants shall bear the expenses for the international transportation, while the organizer shall be responsible for the food and accommodation during the arts festival. Amateur groups and individuals are welcome to participate in the arts festival fully at their own expenses.


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