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1) All restaurants should participate in the caller ID number service provided by the telephone company to confirm the number used by the customers. Aside from that, telephone number should go through a network for one to investigate if the telephone number and address coincide with each other. No order-take-out should be delivered to those who order meals by cellular phone or public telephone.

2) For the sake of being cautious, a phone call should be made to the customer(s) to verify the order receipt to check if there is anything that does not correspond.

3) Post a map next to the telephone and it will enable one to verify the phone number and address provided by the customer(s).

4) Keep a clear, orderly order sheet in sequence and the customer's address for reading and checking.

5) Remember to walk on the brightly-lit streets with many pedestrians when making the order-take-out delivery.

6) Do not carry too much ready cash when making the order-take-out delivery. It will be sufficient by carrying just enough to give the change due the customer(s).

7) If at all possible, delivery staff should take with him a cellular phone or a walkie-talkie to call the restaurant reporting that he is safe when he enters or leaves the house or apartment.

8) Be alert and check the surroundings at all times when making the order-take-out delivery. Remember to heart that if there should be any premonition of misfortune and that you are concerned about your safety, the this delivery run should be terminated.

9) Take notice of the alleged offender's appearance and characteristics if you have become a case victim. The most important thing to do is to call 911 once you have reached a safe place.

(10)Absolutely do not retaliate. Your life and safety are far more important than any amount of money.

The safest: Deliver to the street

Safer: Deliver to the lobby of the building

Safe: Deliver to the entrance door of the building

             James H. Lawrence                                                                 Thomas Suozzi

 Nassau County Police commission                                        Nassau County Executive

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