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Chinese Consulate General Voices Deep Concerns Over the Chinese Citizen Being Beaten Up

On late night of July 21, Ms. Zhao, a Chinese citizen who came to the U.S. on business, was beaten up for no reason by some American Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) officers, when she was taking photos of sceneries at the American side on the U.S.-Canadian border. Ms. Zhao is suffering various physical wounds and deep psychological trauma. The incident has aroused great concerns among the local public.

The Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in New York is deeply concerned about the case. After being notified, the Consulate General immediately reached Ms. Zhao and inquired of her about what happened. On behalf of the Consul General Ambassador Liu Biwei, Vice Consul General Mr. Cui Aimin went to see Ms. Zhao, forwarding sympathy and solicitude for her misfortune and assuring her of the Consulate General's availability in providing all possible services to safeguard her legitimate rights and interests.

The Consulate General has presented a note regarding the case to and made representations with the competent office of the U.S. Department of State, requesting the American authorities to make immediate, serious and thorough investigation into the case, to feed back the results to the Consulate General, and to bring the people held responsible to justice by law for their contempt of human life, violation of human rights and ruthless violence.

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