Consulate General Spokesperson's Remarks
China pledges active contribution to global anti-pandemic cooperation

Global solidarity is crucial to fight against pandemic. Over the last year, China did the utmost to facilitate the domestic COVID response and stood with the rest of the world in a joint fight, carrying out the largest emergency humanitarian operations since the founding of New China and making China's contribution to the global response. In the consular districts of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, we facilitated donations of millions of medical items to state and local hospitals in the ten states from localities, enterprises and civil groups in China. To name a few, we facilitated a donation of 1000 ventilators, more than 600,000 masks to New York when the state was the epicenter of the whole nation last March.


Nowadays, vaccine brings new hope to the coronavirus fight. China is a committed front-runner in promoting international vaccine cooperation. China has provided vaccine assistance to over 60 countries, and promised to provide 10 million doses of domestic vaccine to the COVAX initiative to meet the urgent needs of developing countries. Over 40 countries have imported or are in talks to import vaccines from China, most of which are developing countries. Responding to a UN appeal, the Chinese government has decided to donate 300,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to UN peacekeepers, with priority given to the peacekeeping missions in Africa. China is also ready to work with the International Olympic Committee to provide vaccines to Olympians. These are concrete steps to make COVID vaccines a public good as pledged by President Xi Jinping. We sincerely hope that Chinese vaccines will inject more confidence and hope into the global fight against the virus.


China's anti-epidemic cooperation with the rest of the world does not pursue geopolitical goals or attach any political strings, but is to protect the lives and health of more people. China stands ready to work with the international community to jointly fight the pandemic and uphold global public health security.


As President Xi Jinping said when having a phone conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden, China and the United States can make their due contribution to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting world economic recovery and maintaining regional peace and stability. Chinese Consulate in New York stands ready to continue to facilitate the cooperation within its capacity so as to win the battle against this pandemic at an early date.