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Mr. Yongji Xu
Mr. Xingguo Yu
Administrative affairs; Relations with students and scholars in Connecticut.
E-mail: moeyxg@gmail.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8001
Mr. Zhe Qiao
Vice Consul
Education exchange; Study in China; Chinese language promotion; Qualification affirmation.
E-mail: arzhe928@gmail.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8002
Mr. Yang Zhang
Consular protection and safety education; Relations with students and scholars in Massachusetts, Ohio and Rhode Island; Outstanding overseas students scholarships.
E-mail: nyzhangyang@hotmail.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8003
Mr. Shaohua Zhang
CSC sponsored students' affairs in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island; Relations with scholars in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
E-mail: jiangxuejinny@gmail.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8004
Ms. Yimeng Wu
Vice Consul
CSC sponsored students affairs in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont; Relations with students in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; Education research.
E-mail: yimengme@gmail.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8005
Ms. Shuai Zhang
Public diplomacy; Relations with students and scholars in New York Upstate; Education research.
E-mail: sherryzhang@126.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8006
Mr. Wenhua Wang
Education exchange; Relations with overseas alumni associations of Chinese universities and other overseas Chinese professional associations; "Chunhui Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Relations with students and scholars in Long Island City.
E-mail: whwang1618@gmail.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8007
Ms. Xiaoyu Wang
J-1visa waiver; Relations with students and scholars in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York City.
E-mail: wxymoe@126.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8011
Ms. Junli Zhang
Financial affairs.
E-mail: zjunli123@hotmail.com
Tel: 212-244-9392x8012
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