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Yangzhou Tongsheng Toothbrush Company

Yangzhou Tongsheng Toothbrush Company is specialized in developing, producing and marketing toothbrush upgraded from the traditional demand of the consumers.  Aims at upgrading the traditional toothbrush products and renovating the industry, and takes as its basis highly effective, full-scaled, widespread and high quality cooperation so as to open up the splendid future for the cause of oral cavity cleaning.

Product introduction:  The toothbrush of Nano suppressible the germs is the first choice product to resist the SARS action, it is made from the Nano suppressible the germ material and the asepsis airproof packaging technology, it can be good for preventing the germs is the toothbrush to survive and spread in the using course, making the toothbrush having the disinfecting function by themselves, the germs can not be subsistence in the surface of toothbrush, hygienic problem will be solved by toothbrush oneself.

The two-sided toothbrush of international patent is made by the TONGSHENG Company, it can clean the inner side of teeth more effectively and be care for your teeth fully, and it is toothbrush upgraded from the traditional. We have taken out international patent (PCT-CN00-00279) for toothbrush in 132 counties, and having independent intellectual property right, it will be protected the ultimately benefit of the sale agent with full and long term.

Yangzhou Tongsheng Toothbrush Company
Address: No.5 Jiangyang Industry Garden Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Mr. Andy Xu (Export Manager)
Tel: 86-514-7637552
Fax: 86-514-7637557
Http: //

Please be aware that the above infomation is supplied to us by the company and for reference only.  It is not a recommendation from the Commercial Office.  We are not responsible for any kind of fraud in the infomation and the risk thereout.

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