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Zhejiang SF Oilless Bearing Co., Ltd.

China largest sliding bearing manufacturer, Zhejiang SF Oilless Bearing Co., Ltd, would like to look for good-crediting distributors in order to develop US market. ISO9001 and QS9000 were awarded. We produce 14 series sliding bearings and export mainly to Japan,Italy,Germany,Korea and other 30 countries! Our products are famous as its first-class quality and fast delivery.
In China we well co-operate with Sany Heavy Industry,Second Automobile Works and other manufacturers. Our bearings are widely used in automobile chassis, forging machine, metallurgical & mining machine, power station,agricultural machinery, construction machinery,strip rolling industries, electric motors,automobile industry and so on.

Tel: +86-573-4519798 
Fax: +86-573-4518216
Sunny Shan
Expert of Foreign Trade Dept.
Please be aware that the above infomation is supplied to us by the company and for reference only.  It is not a recommendation from the Commercial Office.  We are not responsible for any kind of fraud in the infomation and the risk thereout.

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