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Yanxiufang Handcraft Co., Ltd

As a company specializing in hand-done embroidery, we releases its self-designed hand-done embroidery gift series, which, by integrating western design concepts into traditional Chinese craftsmanship, is an ideal present choice for various formal occasions such as visit to foreign countries.

We at the same time offer the following services:
tailoring hand-done embroidery cheong-sam clients (guidance available for measurements by yourself); tailoring men's shirt clients: Unlike the usual over-sized domestic shirts, our products are made with the special made-to-order techniques acquired through technical import and cooperation, with which we are able to provide you with high-class executive costumes suitable for formal occasions. For more information, you may visit our website at:

Please be aware that the above infomation is supplied to us by the company and for reference only.  It is not a recommendation from the Commercial Office.  We are not responsible for any kind of fraud in the infomation and the risk thereout.

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