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Xinyuan Chemical Company Ltd.

We are the Xinyuan Chemical Ltd.Co. Hengshui City. Hebei prvice.We have dealt with produce and trade of chemical raw material for 8 years and nowadays all kind of our profucts are slod more than 20 provinces.and so we want find some forgien buyers.We will very glad that if you can help me. This is our company's website:,  and we hope to develop the international market further.So we are seeking for related buyers and cooperative partnersto subsititute our products in foreign countries.

Xinyuan Chemical Company Ltd.
Add:No86 Shengli Road Hengshui City Hebei province
Telepone:86-318-2102090 Fax:86-318-2102220

Please be aware that the above infomation is supplied to us by the company and for reference only.  It is not a recommendation from the Commercial Office.  We are not responsible for any kind of fraud in the infomation and the risk thereout.

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